10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic and Boost Your Business

Informative and engaging, fresh content is still significant for promoting brand online. Blogging is a great content marketing initiative, which provide opportunity to share information, facts and thoughts and influence the readers to keep visiting your website again and again. You can use blogging to get more sales as it is the part of your digital marketing strategy. It requires the right approach that you must know-how, a great deal of time and a focused strategy.

  1.  Use Long Tail Keywords

The combination of three or more words in a search term is referred to as long tail keywords. Most people search using common phrases, that are longer than two-three words. More longer the keyword phrases, easier to rank in search engine and get organic search engine traffic to it. There are a variety of tools available across the web that help you find these potential keywords. You can integrate long tail keywords into the blog posts you publish.

Use Google keyword planner tool to find long tail keywords that help businesses and suggests keywords where you can analyze which has high search volume, and less competition. Convert your products and services that you are offering into sales by just targeting them into blogs for eCommerce.

  1. Guest Blogging

Place your posts as guest blogs on niche sites. Guest blogging is the most powerful conversion technique that helps in driving highly targeted and organic traffic to your eCommerce online store, when done properly. You can earn quality backlinks that link back to your online store and build authority of your site which improve its ranking and beat the competition for various keywords.

  1. Create a Social Media

In recent years, social media marketing has gained popularity and has become the most effective conversion methods for eCommerce online shops. Everyone is promoting their products or services through social media platforms and websites. You can sponsor posts and engage targeted customers through online social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can spend money on paid promotions that always drive a healthy average referral value.

  1. Paid Content Outreach

Have you hired a sales team for developing a new piece of content for months? Did you pay someone for video marketing, social media marketing, and blogging? Syndicating a well-researched blog with the right targeted keywords via promotion engines put you three steps in the right direction of success. The most popular networks of content distribution are Outbrain and Taboola, which helps get your content featured in the “Sponsored” section of millions of sites worldwide, such as CNN, Yahoo, NBC,and countless others. Set your daily budget and pay for each click that comes through. You can monitor results with detailed reporting.

  1. Infographic Distribution

Infographic is the visually reinforced content, which tends to be better received overall and helps you to build better engagement. No need to hire a graphic designer or you don’t have to be a sophisticated graphic designer to add an infographic to your blog posts. There are many websites, which gives services of creating infographics. For instance, Piktochart is the best infographic creation website where you can easily make infographics with the help of prebuilt templates and a user friendly grad and drop interface.

  1. Listicles Conversion Tool

Do you know the power of Listicles? Listicles have become an increasingly popular list-based articles on websites and social media. It uses a simple format and let you express your ideas clearly. It saves readers time and is recommended by millennial readers as well. You can get more sales when use as blogging and easy to skim for the most important information. It is considered as the most powerful conversion technique that influence readers make a purchase of your products or services.

  1. Call-to-Action (CTA) Marketing

You can increase your conversion rate with the help of effective CTA that influence the readers to visit your website. So don’t forget to place CTA in your blog. Blogging helps you to engage people and compel them to click on your website. With the help of this powerful conversion tool, you can capture 90% of readers who visit your blog and enables them to take a desired action. A great CTA button helps your website achieve its defined objectives and boost conversion rates.

  1. Establishing an Authority Voice

Establish yourself as a voice of authority. There are millions of online stores available in the market and consumers have to choose from it. You must be clear about your business’s objective and separate your store from the rest. People are more willing to make a purchase from a business that gives them unsullied and detailed information about the products. The Clever Consultant suggests that to add authority to your blog, you must mind these rules of engagement: Simplicity, Relevance, Expertise, Perspective, Real-World Examples, Proper Grammar, Practical Tips, and Active Voice.

  1. Get Long Term Traffic

In content marketing, blogging has become the most effective and powerful conversion tool for business owners. You can increase the visibility of your online store in search engines with regular blog updates, when well researched keywords are used. Use popular keywords whose average monthly search rate is high on search engine. This leads to drive long-term traffic to your content. Publish several posts per week and you will notice a gradual but steady increase in traffic and boost conversion rate. A solid content strategy enhances your presence of your online business.

  1. Inbound Bakclinks

Create a steady stream of inbound backlinks through routine blogging that helps in maintaining the search engine rankings of your website. If readers and writers find valuable information in your blogs, then writers can reference your website in their blog posts and this helps in boosting the rank of your blog and you gain more potential traffic to your online store from search engines.

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