Front-end Development


Front end Development


If you are looking for a website that has a unique personality and creates character, then go for our front-end development.


At Palam Solution, we excel in creating front end websites that offers user friendly interface. We have exceptional programming skills and a keen eye for layout. Our developers use a blend of visuals and interactive tools to offer required solutions.


Front end development or client-side development involves creating a code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that creates the structure of web pages or applications on the web.  We offer well-written and structured codes that make it is easy for search engines to pick your website. We create highly engaging websites that have accurately placed content and the right balance. With right semantic structures and the markups, the websites designed by us offer the ultimate performance on being live.

Our team of front end developers focuses on delivering responsive web pages that comply to the standards and are SEO friendly. Our team keeps on exploring new techniques and technologies to offer the most latest and updated services. Whether one uses a PC or a mobile to access your website, we make sure that your web pages have sound structure and impressive layout. We implement responsive layouts to offer the best experience to the users.


With our innovative technology and skills, we ensure cross-browser and devise testing and configuration. We have extensive experience in front end development for Drupal and Magento. We strive to create bespoke ecommerce and content themes that the website users appreciate.

Why Palam solution


  • We hand code every page using semantic, scalable, keyword-rich HTML.
  • Our websites are compatible with all screen resolutions.
  • We construct HTML code in such a way that it informs the search engines what the page is exactly about.
  • We offer clear and minimal code that offers easy to update and manage pages.
  • Our content can fit any size requirements and the site can be increased to any size without degradation.