How to Make your Website Popular

Nowadays, everyone has online web-store for their business and everybody wants to make their websites popular. There are some individuals who don’t have knowledge about marketing their products over the internet. You can make reputation of your website and get more traffic as well. Use the following helpful suggestions regarding content, search engine optimization, website speed and size, server and security, mobile usability, and design, that helps you to make popular website.


Develop Unique and Engaging Content


Unique and Engaging ContentWrite unique and engaging content on your website. Whatever the business of your website is, you must have great content related to that product which you have listed over the website. Don’t write content for search engines. You must have information that people want to read. If users find something interesting on your website, then it is the great way for generating leads. Try to find about the demands of people and check out the ways to meet the expectations of the people. Don’t copyright the content from other websites. Stay abreast of trendy topics related to your niche. Update your sites with trendy topics that users are searching.


Share your Updated Content on Social Networks


Promote unique engaging contentWhether you are providing information, blogging, or having eCommerce website, don’t forget to share your new topics or new products around the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest & more other platforms.


Meta Tags


Meta Title & Description TagsDo you know what are meta tags? Meta tags plays a vital role in search engines. You must include meta title and meta description on each webpage of your website.


Meta title is an HTML tag that describes about the topic of your page. Use important keywords related to your web pages within the meta title that users search the most. The limit of meta title is 67 characters.


Meta description is the short summary of about 155 characters which describes about your page. Write unique, convincing and fascinating description that bring the users to your website.


Html Meta TagsWith a concise, inviting and accurate descriptive meta tags, you can rank well in search engine result pages.


Revise your Website Daily


Keep in touch with your website daily by offering the users regular update, free newsletters or blogs. This is the smartest way to bring traffic to your website. It will also boost and enhance the ranking of your keywords.


Files mandatory for your website


Making your website popular over the internet means you have to index your website into the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So you must know about the technical terms of SEO that what is required to index in engines. As you know, user first put query in search engine and results are displayed. Search engine uses web crawlers to retrieve the web pages as to answer the query of the user. There are few things that are necessary for indexing your site over the engines.Robot.txt file

  1. Use Robot.txt file to tell Google bot and other web crawlers about what to allow or disallow on your website. If your site is not using, search engines will have free access to index anything that they find on your website.sitemap
  2. Create sitemap.xml file for your website to lists all webpages of the site. Without having these files, search engines take some time to crawl all pages. So, it is good to have these files which crawls your pages little faster and at systematic manner.

Site Loading Time


Having a speed of less than 5 seconds results in higher traffic and good revenue. So check your website speed with the help of online available tools.


Responsive Web Design


responsive web designCheck out your website that it’s responsive or not. Nowadays, people feel more comfortable to explore sites through mobile devices. So it is important to make your website mobile friendly. You can also develop mobile apps for your website.


Advertise your website or mobile app


advertise your websiteTo increase traffic to your websiteor mobile apps, you can advertise your brand on some communication mediums such as radio, television, and other broadcasting channels. You can also share some press release about your products with new offers on popular news websites.


Use Smart Design


Don’t use frames and flashes on your website that as it creates problems for both users and search engine robots. Frames divides your window into multiple sections that load each section into separate HTML documents. Flash is the outdated technology that does not work well on mobile devices.

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