Migrate Your eCommerce Site Successfully

Do you want to redesign your website? Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform for your shopping website?


When you think about migrating your web store to any e-commerce platform like Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion, etc. then you have to redesign your whole website.


Nowadays, competition of online business is growing day by day. Everybody wants to optimize the performance of their website to increase sales. Here you will get information about the resources which are required during the migration of your website to Prestashop E-Commerce Store.


ecommerce prestashop developmentPrestashop has gain the popularity in terms of good revenues and high conversion rate. It is the latest and new technology which makes SEO friendly website. With the help of this platform, we design responsive website with unique web structures. You can also get additional benefits by adding the extra features into the site through Prestashop Modules.


While migrating your website to Prestashop, you must know tricky operations in order to avoid pitfalls and mistakes. Please read the following three key points:


1. Preparing Migration


For migrating a site to PrestaShop, you need to think first about some aspects: design, ergonomics, features, tools, target market, etc. These details are essential because they determine the design of the project. An in-depth analysis, effectiveness, for coherence, and increased sales, allows us to get an idea of the new website..


The migration of your store must take place within a strategic context. What are your ambitions and goals? Using the analysis and recommendation of your PrestaShop project, you can take all measures to achieve your goal.


2. Overcoming Technical Constraints and Migrating Data


This phase is the main phase of the migration. If the website is using an already known market solution, there are recognized methods to migrate data securely and to verify the completeness. Some e-commerce sites, however, make use of little-known or very specific solutions that require analysis. We go in this case on an in-depth technical analysis to collect the necessary data and integrate it again according to the PrestaShop standards.


Next, a summary is made of the quality of the website: search engine optimization (SEO), product photos, descriptive text, product specifications, etc. There are many key marketing requirements, which your agency can help and advise you.


3. The Strategic Issue of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


This is the essential aspect and considered as the backbone of the migration where the future of your website is built. To maintain the SEO value of your site, we attach great importance to redirect the URLs of the website i.e. home page, categories, product sheets, CMS, etc. Find all options to keep the SEO value of the site so that the transfer drives as smooth as possible. The strategic issue of SEO is very sensitive; so poor management may pose a significant risk to the website.


We encourage you to take advantage of the launch of your revised website to organize an event, such as a press campaign, or an online game,or an event. The choice of a good communication channel improves your website visibility and increase traffic to your website, supporting the migration.

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