Top 10 Useful PrestaShop Features to Increase Sales & Improve your Business Efficiency

In an ever-growing and competitive online market, business owners are always looking for the right tools and features to help you get ahead. That is why prestashop offers innovative features to increase your revenue and operate your business more efficiently.


Management of all Product Types


Main PrestaShop features: Types of products to create, detailed description

Run all types of products


Create and manage digital, physical, downloadable, or bundled products with the ability to add variants by describing them more precisely. You can also present your articles better by using features for SEO, sales date, cross-selling etc.


Create a Design for your Store


Main features: Starter theme, Classic theme customization


The standard Classic theme has been split into its essential elements to make it easier to customize the template. At the same time, this provides for greater flexibility, shorter project run times and increase conversion rate of your store. This allows you to create exactly the template that suits your needs by customizing your online shop in a very short time.


Configuring the Shop


Main features: Short time-to-market, wide range of features


With PrestaShop, you have a wide range of features to quickly configure your shop: Configure payment methods and shipping services, set taxes, and view legal information using built-in features to reduce the time to market your store.


Processing of Orders



Ensure the smooth handling of your orders through a detailed view and automatic email sending processes that allow customers to track their orders.


Promotion of the Shop


Main functions: price management, cross-selling


Build animations in your shop and highlight new products or bestsellers. Increase sales by managing your prices and increase the average order value through cross-selling and upselling.


Data Analysis


Main features: wide selection of data



PrestaShop provides you a lot of data about your shop performance. Review your sales for different items or categories, learn about your customer behavior, and prevent loss of sales by using targeted solutions to strengthen your store.


Store Expansion


Main functions: international, market platforms / price comparison sites


Share your shop in the social media, expand it to new countries, export your catalog free of charge or by using addons to the most important market platforms and price comparison pages (Google Shopping, eBay etc). These tools allow you to strengthen your presence and get sales or visits from around the world.


Manage Employees


Main functions: Creation of access rights and individual employee profiles


Set up access for your employees, agencies, and temporary freelancers by using employee profiles and user permissions. You can also get an overview of all the actions you have taken in your admin menu.


Management of Customer Service



Main functions: Outline of queries, response templates, return process


Run an efficient customer service through the organization of customer requests and the creation of templates. You can reduce the response time and better meet the needs of your customers. You can also automate the return process and keep track of your progress.

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